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My Sewing Life in a Nutshell

I started sewing at a very young age on a little toy size black Singer sewing machine. I made doll clothes, tiny blankets, and whatever else I had fabric to work with. Some of them actually looked like what they were intended for. I still have that little machine all snug in its box. Sorry to say it is packed away right now as I don’t have room for everything in this little house. I learned from there on a Singer treadle machine with my grandmother. She kept telling me I needed more embellishment on my projects. Especially on my daughters clothes when I was much older and she was still telling me that. This particular child was not putting up with that but I did get a love of heirloom sewing which I have expanded on in taking Martha Pullen licensings and am a Independent licensed teacher for Martha Pullen both in serger and sewing several times over. Which I will expand on at a later time.

The picture on this page of the old toy sewing machine is one my mom used as a child. She owned a fabric store at one time and wanted to be a designer when she was young. Too bad the TV contest for designers (Project Runway) wasn’t on at that time. She would have been a winner.




In 1976 I bought a Riccar and still use it for simple sewing and mending.

A few years ago I visited my daughter and she had a new Husqvarna Viking D1. Since I was there for a month before Christmas we gave it a major work out. It was the greatest thing since pockets on shirts. Needless to say a few months later a D1 showed up at my house just to keep me from drooling all over hers any more. I liked this Viking so much that I bought an Husqvarna Viking SE a couple of years later. We were able to attend a Martha Pullen event in Ca. put on by the Dublin Sewing Center. My first one. I picked up a new HV Husky lock 936 there because of all the things that could be done with it that I hadn’t known about. I do have an older Pfaff Hobbylock from the 80s that still works great and is currently being used by several people in a sewing club I belong to. Also a Babylock from the 80s that made the best ever rolled edge at that time and still works well. The HV Huskylock does things I never dreamed could be done with a serger.

I hope this gives you a small look into what I have done and will spark your interest in sewing to new challenges.

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